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The Lead Up ... 

This morning St.Lucian PARISIAN Celebrity, Vincent McDoom asked a question that struck me, cause I've often wondered myself, "Who are the young designers in St.Lucia?" - Previous Sweet 7 Post on Vincent McDoom's On-Air Radio Interview.

Sharleen Lagon - Jaeylu Inc.
Fortunately the last call towards the end of Vincent's radio interview came from, this young designer, Sharleen Lagon who expressed her desire to have her work get some exposure, along with asking for Vincent's contact information. Instead she was asked to give her contact information over the radio. ... And hence, I got her telephone number and within five minutes, I called her long distance.

With just an initial incorrect spelling of her name and telephone number, after a two minute conversation with Sharleen to email me so that I can feature her, it's totally ironic and heavenly that I'm about to introduce you to her fashion label, "Jaeylu"- The Power of An Angel.

The word "Jaeylu" is pronounced 'Hay-Lou' (Halo). The name was inspired by the parents of the designer and symbolizes power. It's awkward spelling and pronunciation is due to a faux Spanish pronunciation.

Sharleen Jernel Lagon is a 26 year old,  St.Lucian by birth but is also a French national.  She attended my alma mater, St. Joseph's Convent, from  1996-2001, from then her favorite subject was art. After a stint at at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to study Building Trades Foundations, Sharleen had a passion for Interior Design. During this course, however, she realized that she really wanted to pursue Fashion. She dropped out in her second year then started participating in a local fashion design competition for amateur designers where she placed 2nd, 3rd and 2nd from 2004-2006 respectively.

She discovered that Barbados had an Associate Degree Fashion Design Program at their community college so she figured that if she didn't win the competition, with its first prize being a partial scholarship to study fashion in France, she'd try her luck at getting accepted in community college. In November, she graduated with Honors, with one of the two highest grades in her year from the Barbados Community College. Now that she has returned to St.Lucia, she's primarily focusing on getting people to view my designs as well as starting my own design studio.  She participated in a variety of local fashion shows, featured in local newspapers, magazines, evening news, talk shows both on radio and television, all for the purpose of advertising.

Recently, she was awarded a grant from the C.I.E. Construction Group which had a program for young entrepreneurs with unique ideas that required funding called "The GenX Program." That money awarded to Sharleen for this program is being used to facilitate the start up of 'Jaeylu' Inc.

Jaeylu Inc's first collection, "L'enchantment aka Madras Collection" was released in 2009. The collection is Creole inspired bridal wear and lingerie, that makes use of the traditional madras and broderie anglaise fabrics associated with St. Lucian culture.

Sharleen's advice for young designers, "Be true to yourself and don't allow others to dissuade you from chasing your dreams. Remember that you have only one life to live and that with it you should strive to reach for the stars even though at times it may seem that they unreachable. Don't let people kill your hopes by telling you that what you desire is impossible; there's no such thing as impossible once you are driven, dedicated and willing to temporarily sacrifice trivial things in order to make your dream your reality."

Contact Sharleen Lagon - Jaeylu:
1-758-460-0317 (cell)
FB Fan Page: Jaeylu

... And for me, The Sweet 7, this was a steadfast reminder, this is why I do what I do!

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