Red Unlimited's St. Lucia Photoshoot 2010

Red Unlimited launched last night, I have a few favorites. Prices are being finalized but here is a sneak peak of Red Unlimited's St. Lucia Photoshoot for the 2010 section "Burning Ecstasy."

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  1. I was so excited to see the costumes, and after all the anticipation I left with a big ? The costumes are just panty and bra with beads/sequins, with exception of the bondage costume..they're very plain and repetitive designs.. nothing special. With the theme "Unspoken Desires" they could have done so much more .talk about lack of creativity.I give them a big fat whomp. I'm anxious to see La Mosaiques costume launch now, they have a similar theme to Red..lingerie something..oh well till then.