Band Updates

La Mosaique (Mosaic)
All La Mosaique revellers and interested persons, are asked to attend a Carnival Band Meeting at the Police Auditorium on Bridge Street, tomorrow, Tuesday May 26th, at 5 p.m, for registration and information. Designs for the portrayal of 'Soucoyan' will be on display, please be early as registration has already begun and sections are filling up. Come along, bring a friend, don't Miss the, La Mosaique experience.

All prices on costumes have now been brought down to $450 EC. However this promo does not include the FRONT LINE COSTUMES. This Promo Only Goes On Untill June 20th, 2009. Band Meetings Are Now Being Held @ The CSA Center Every Thursday Untill Carnival @ 5pm until 8pm

Red Unlimited
It seems that I am not the only one. The number of requests that have been coming for registrations in some of the closed sections have forced the Management of Red Unlimited to go back to the drawing board. The numbers are being revised and I have it from good sources that a limited number of spaces will be opening up in some of the previously closed sections. Revelers should continue to come to the band meetings and log on to the website for the updates. The Management of Red Unlimited has also let on that the trial online registration has far surpassed the anticipated response. As a result many people who request a registration online are being disappointed to find out that there is no space left in the section of their choice. This can easily be avoided according to Management. The key to ensuring that a space in the section of your choice is reserved for you is to make the minimum registration fee of $200.00. Even better be one of the first to pay in full and benefit from the specials

Just 4 Fun
Just4Fun Carnival is all about revellers and we will UNTIL JUNE 1, 2009 offer a special price of $450 on the POISON (purple) SECTION. REVELERS PAY $450 if they register for the POISON section by JUNE 1, 2009. Visit website to pay online or print off the registration for in store payment at Suzie Q (Gable Woods Mall) or Traffic Jamz (John Compton Building, William Peter Blvd). *ASK ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY STUDENT DISCOUNT

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  1. abeh bon red lol....good luck!

    seems that fantasy not selling out quickly.

    and YEAH J4F!!!!! University student discount!!!!!!! haha lol so much for grown and sexy eh???? i hope dey still have dat discount next yr, ill surely qualify!