A Reveler Speaks - Claude

What are your thoughts on band's professional costume shots on their sites?
I think it is of utmost importance to have well done shots on band sites as it offers persons both local & abroad easy access to be able to revisit them as often as possible in order to make a decision as to what they wanna play in & do so from wherever or whenever they have access to internet services. 

Are any shots important to your decision in picking a costume (front, back, side, headpieces or leg pieces)?
Different shots & angles of all pieces are important.

Do you think the pictures accurately portray costumes?
They should & if they don't that constitutes gross misrepresentation on the part of the bands. Sketches are absolutely out of the question by the way, the costume is never exactly as sketched & besides the practice is very obsolete. 

Do you have any suggestions for the professional pictures/shots of costumes?
Less is sometimes more, don't try to overdo it with excessive airbrushing, photoshoping, body painting & make up etc, no excessive or fussy backdrops, keep it simple & to the point, the focus is the costume, the backdrop should complement not overshadow. 

Does your band offer online registration?
As an overseas reveler is that a service you would like to see offered?
Most definitely, an effective online registration is extremely beneficial to not only overseas revelers but home based 1s as well. It can make it simple & hassle free & especially as an overseas reveler it eliminates the fear of missing out on the costume of your choice. It also augers well for the bands in opening up themselves to a wider market, not everyone has the luxury of having friends who can go in to a mas camp & register them for a section, with online registration as an option anyone from anywhere can feel free to sign up & make that trip to play mas. 

What do you think about costume collection? 
Did you have any issues?
Do you have any suggestions or advice that can help with costume distribution?
The easier, less hassle free the process the better. Ultimately I'd prefer to be in & out without too much delay. Should be set up in phases, you come in & phase 1 is presenting your receipt(s) to an attendant, if you've paid in full you proceed directly to phase 3 which of course is costume collection, otherwise you should be directed to phase 2 which would be completion of payment. Once you get to phase 3 your costume should already be packaged & waiting, upon receipt the attendant should go through all the pieces with you to make sure that you're satisfied they're all there before you sign a statement confirming you received your costume in full along with necessary info & band wristbands etc. I like a light & festive collection environment though, music, drinks etc that you can make a lime of the whole affair should you wish to stick around or should the process take a little longer than expected for whatever reason.

What did you think of on-the-road bar service?
Did your band deliver as promised?
If not, what were some of the issues when getting drinks on the road?
What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to bar service on the road?
What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to restocking bars on the road?
Of course bar service is always vital lol & the more liquor the better. I've never really had much issue on that end cause I always have my hydration pack on my back filled with my liquor(s) lol of choice, nice & cold. I guess my only issue with bar service would be (1) getting to them through the crowd of revelers & (2) once I'm there the wait time to get served. My only suggestion would probably be have a person to drinks truck ratio, for instance 1 drink truck to every 200 - 250 revelers or something along those lines. Another good idea would be to have roaming drink carts being pushed through the band with water, soda & other bottled beverages that revelers can just grab & keep it moving as opposed to having to make a trip to the drink truck for non-alcoholic refreshments.

What are your thoughts about on the road Security?
Do you have any suggestions for/about security?
The effectivness of your security is a make or break situation. It is of optimum importance that the reveler is free to enjoy a safe experience. No ifs, buts or maybes about, security should be on point, plenty, effective & respectful. Not only should you be made to feel safe amongst your fellow revelers but against outsiders & outsider invasion. Hard earned monry went into securing a spot in a band & revelers should not have to contend with outsiders to enjoy the luxury that their money rightly affords them. I think security should be a 2 part operation. (1) A rope team responsible for keeping outsiders from getting into the space of the revelers & (2) a roving/extraction team responsible for roaming through the band & keeping the revelers safe from other revelers & outsiders & also to serve to expel outside invaders. 

What are your thoughts about music?
Any suggestions about music/ music trucks?
Another element that has to be on point. You can look as pretty as you can in your costume & have all the drinks at your disposal with top notch security to keep you safe but if the music is not of the best quality then the level of your enjoyment greatly suffers. Bands need to provide top quality sound set ups, it's not just a matter of stacking the biggest speakers you can find on a truck & playing it as loud as you can. Music set up for a club party & that for the road are totally different, it calls for the expertise of a sound engineer to give you that quality sound that revelers can get the full musical experience on the road. Once that's in place of course you need to make sure that you have top notch djs & live acts to have the reveler on the constant move. 

What must your band do to keep you as a loyal reveler?
Quality costumes at a resonable price, a safe & secure atmosphere, & great music make for a fun experience that anyone would be willing to come back for again & again. Pay attention to the needs, concerns, suggestions of your reveler & be open to making necessary adjustments based on their feedback, ultimately you're catering to the reveler so ignoring their feedback can't auger too well for the future success of the band. It's not all about the money, clearly we're all aware & expect that opporating at a profit is going to be a top priority but just don't try to do so at the expense of the quality of your product & services, without the reveler you have no band, always remember that. 

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