A Reveler Speaks - Kate

What are your thoughts on band's professional costume shots on their sites? 
Some are great and some are just sketches which at first I can understand but then at least when made update with real photos on the site. Some of the sites are not even publicised. Half the time I have no clue what the carnival websites are.

Are any shots important to your decision in picking a costume (front, back, side, headpieces or leg pieces)? 
The most important shots are the full front and full back.

Do you think the pictures accurately portray costumes? 
Some of the pictures portray the costumes some don't. Some times you don't get all the pieces (I think).

Do you have any suggestions for the professional pictures/shots of costumes? 
How hard is it to take a photo these days with a male and female model with carnival makeup...anyone can do that surely.

What do you think about costume collection? 
Mas camps. Where are they? Always difficult to find.

Do you have any suggestions or advice that can help with costume distribution? 
Why not have a day at the mall where the costumes can be showcased and people can collect easily.

What did you think of on-the-road bar service? 
Terrible, have to be chasing a truck for a drink and then waiting waiting waiting to be served.

Did your band deliver as promised? 
Yes and no.

If not, what were some of the issues when getting drinks on the road? 
The wait and the begging to get a drink that's already paid for in the package

What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to bar service on the road? 
Hire more bartenders and also get the dispensers for beer so one can just raise the cup and get filled with the nozzle also have the beer back packs so that people can walk around just refilling without you having to leave the section to find the drink up to get a drink.

What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to restocking bars on the road? 
Why should they have to restock? Just get a big enough truck and keep the party moving.

What are your thoughts about on the road Security? 
There should definitely be excellent security no doubt

Do you have any suggestions for/about security? 
Hire more men to walk the edges and front and back of sections

What are your thoughts about music? 
One complaint, depending on your section the further away you are from the music you can't really enjoy it.

Any suggestions about music/ music trucks? 
Get two mucic trucks.

What must your band do to keep you as a loyal reveler? 
Creative costumes, superior service on and off the road, great band parties.

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