An Overseas Reveler Asks

I gave overseas reveler, Kevianne some info which enabled her to register with RED Unlimited awhile back, before online registration was available.  She is now registered in Rio by Night. She has emailed me again with a few more questions.

"Do St.Lucians wear costumes on both days or is it like in Trinidad where people wear 'Monday wear?'"
St.Lucian revelers wear their FULL costume on Carnival Monday unlike in Trinidad. Carnival Monday starts by midday, since some places open for half day work on Carnival Monday. It is the main judging day.  So we wear our costumes on both days. Since bands do not give the option to purchase bottoms for both days, either bikini or hot shorts, you may have to wash your bikini bottom for Carnival Tuesday. Read "How To Protect & Clean Your Costume."

"Is it the norm to wear boots or sneakers?"
Sneakers are the norm but very few revelers wear boots. This year, I'm wearing boots!

Thanks for coming & see you on the road!

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  1. Thanks chic i really appreciate the help. I would have never know monday was the in trinidad Tuesday is. I am definetly wearing boots, thats the only way i can do the rio by night any justice..