Carnival Makeup - Wild Things

From the time I saw Royalites Xtreme "The Warrior and The Hunted" costumes, I knew this post would be easy.  

Below are makeup suggestions for Wild Things:
Zebra babiii
Zebra Mask
Zebra print nails tutorial
Zebra inspired look
HOT Pink Nails w/ ZEBRA Tips
Zebra inspired lips
Sexy Leopard Print Eyes
Animal Print Series: Leopard! Nail Tutorial

Great timing too, 'cause M.A.C's new collection is "Style Warrior" - The "Wild Things" of The World come together in eclectic and expressive new combinations. Beauty with no barriers ... unleashes the animal in every woman, to liberate the animal spirit of Woman, Wild Things and Style Warriors everywhere. It's your new glamour armour of heroic hues and courageous contrasts: eclectically expressive cross-cultural colour.

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