A Reveler Speaks - Jax

Hi Ny,

Well a bacchanal woman back in the day, before going back to friggin school; I can definitely answer some of these questions. 


What are your thoughts on band's professional costume shots on their sites?
I really like when a band has an official homepage that I can go to, and then navigate through the various sections and the pictures of the costumes. I believe it is essential and probably more practical to have professional pictures of the costumes on a website for those who cannot be there until the carnival season for comparing etc.

Are any shots important to your decision in picking a costume (front, back, side, headpieces or leg pieces)?
Definitely the the front and back, and lower part of the body. You really want an all around view especially if you are shy about a certain part of your body.

Do you think the pictures accurately portray costumes?
Not always. Sometimes the colours are not what you thought they may be, or they make changes by the time you get the costume. Even worse, a costume piece may be smaller or bigger than what you expected.

Do you have any suggestions for the professional pictures/shots of costumes?
I think the more angles the better, and a few close up shots can give you a better idea on the type of costume you are selecting.


Does your band offer online registration?
Yes...love it for Trini and Bajan bands.

As an overseas reveler is that a service you would like to see offered?
Definitely. You don't want to just rely on what your friend is describing and then when you get there you are unhappy with the choice. I have ran into this problem. It really helps in making your a choice you can be happy with.

At times it can be too limited. Not enough variation in styles between various sections of a band.  I think more colour and variety is essential. I think the more styles and colours a Band has will definitely attract more participants.

Do you have any suggestions or advice that can help with costume distribution?
I think it is essential that the Bands have the costumes prepared when they say they will. In addition, certain sections can only pick up their costumes on particular days. In addition a particular person who handles issues so that it does not hold up everyone else who does not have an issue.


What did you think of on-the-road bar service?
Everywhere I've been, at some point it is always hard to get a damn drink! But the cup is always good for easy re-fills.

Did your band deliver as promised?
Most of the time I am satisfied because I am usually drunk by the end. However, I do believe if you are going to charge more as a Band then professionalism is essential. Costumes made well, ready on time, a truck that does not break down, a bar that does not run out of drinks, proper security that is taking the job serious and a damn good DJ should all be on point! You should get what you pay for!

If not, what were some of the issues when getting drinks on the road?
Too long of a wait, and the truck was too far behind.

What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to bar service on the road?
Please be prepared with a sufficient supply of drinks, cups, ice etc. Adequately staffed to handle the massives.

What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to restocking bars on the road?
Have someone keeping check of the stock. A big enough truck so that you are over stocked if anything...


What are your thoughts about on the road Security?
Sometimes too slack. This must be the toughest job in the world, but don't just give up.

Do you have any suggestions for/about security?
Gosh, take the job seriously. Pay them well so they do a good job.  The Band and the Security should have a game plan for the event, and for various scenarios. Also a leader who ensures the job is being done.

What are your thoughts about music?
Generally too charge to even hear...lol

Any suggestions about music/ music trucks?
I think starting off slow, then moving to a faster beat, then slowing it down again at points to get a break is good. The selection should have been decided on from before, and the Band should also have a say. Also the DJ has to feel the the crowd out; don't just play for playing sake! Local and foreign songs are good too.


What must your band do to keep you as a loyal reveler?
Great costumes of different colours and styles is a must. Good security and a well stocked Bar is also important to me.

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