A Reveler Speaks - Andra

What are your thoughts on band's professional costume shots on their sites?
Most times they are not well thought out and just done in studio against a generic backdrop.

Are any shots important to your decision in picking a costume (front, back, side, headpieces or leg pieces)?
The front of the bra, front of bottom, back of bottom, front of headpiece and back of headpiece (the shot from the back should focus on how the headpiece is secured to your head)

Do you think the pictures accurately portray costumes?
In St.Lucia, yes. I find that they even get better looking when you pick them up.

Do you have any suggestions for the professional pictures/shots of costumes?
Try to do outdoor and theme appropriate shoots whenever possible. I know it is hard. We planned our shoot really well with some really out of the box locations but then it rained all day and we had to go into the studio.. grrrr.

What do you think about costume collection?
For Red Unlimited, it is good.

Did you have any issues?
Could be a little more well thought out like Tribe's cocktail type side lime.  Also accessories and make up should be available at pick up.

What are your thoughts about on the road Security?
Not good enough!

Do you have any suggestions for/about security?
Do not hassle the masqueraders

What are your thoughts about music?
Need better live bands. The dj gets boring.

What must your band do to keep you as a loyal reveler?
Well I'm part of the band now soooooo ... lol

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