While in Guatemala, last month, I opened an email and got this ...

My first reaction was OMG, like WOW!  What an honor.  I must be doing something right! The only two people I told were my husband and mother.  I did not even mention it to my father.  

Imagine meeting IMAN for a second time, in a lifetime.  I met her in 1994 with my mom when she first launched IMAN Cosmetics, in Westland Mall, Miami.  I have kept that signed autographed picture since then.  I suppose, I'm sort of the sentimental type.  

The immediate other reaction was I won't go.  What was I going to do with my daughter? ... And I don't like NYC! Well honestly, I have a love / hate relationship with the place.  'Though I'm a huge fan of reality TV shows set in NYC, like The Real Housewives in NYC, High Society, etc. 

It took a follow up email by IMAN's public relations team to entice me to make every effort to attend.  ... And I can't thank Sandra and Tara enough.  What an opportunity and wonderful experience.

At the end of March, it was this picture of IMAN in South Africa, for me to agree, "you got an invitation to meet her for a second time in your lifetime and you've just got to go!"

Within days, I was on a mad hunt for a baby sitter and searching for hotels on Priceline.  Aha, so I immediately knocked off one half of my problem. My usual babysitter was excited to assist, especially since she last saw my daughter on Halloween, until the much-dreaded call. She had to cancel. Frantic, I went back to and posted an advertisement.  

Another mother, in my area was kind enough to contact me, saying she understood and would be happy to help me.  So we emailed each other back and forth.  She thought it best; we at least meet once for a play date and "Brunch Competition" with other moms, before I left.

Game on, I was ready to compete!  Not really, into the play dates and socializing with American moms.  No offense, I'm not quite like those moms ... I'm not white, I'm not always happy to be a mom without a single complaint, I love to drink, I have a crazy accent and I'm far more stylish than the usual stay at home moms anyway. The impression that I get in their presence is similar to a mother who looks in disdain when another says. "I chose not to breast feed!" So I hardly go out of my way to change the mind set or be reminded of how much, I am not like you.  Yet, thankful that a random stranger would extend a hand was humbling.  The only issue at hand was what could I make for the brunch, and win!  Until, another setback her seven month old daughter had a fever. The play date and brunch were postponed. Anyway, I did meet her eventually and coincidentally, despite not ever mentioning it, she and her husband honeymooned in St.Lucia.  Small world.

Simultaneously, while my wheels were spinning, so were my husband's.  He organized with a fellow co-worker to babysit.  Her son and our daughter are in the same class.  Fortunately, I did a good deed the week before.  Her husband and children were out of town for Easter break, when her car would not start in a nearby supermarket parking lot.  My husband was at work and could not help, and I went to assist.  I teased it was a breakthrough that day, 'cause it was the first time I ever left my house without bathing.  Unimaginable, but I did not want to keep her stranded and waiting!  Thankful that I waited with her till the mechanic arrived, she in turn babysat Ava-Sol. Amen.

The second half of my problem was now to find a hotel in New York City.  Affordable, clean and located near to the event's hotel location.  Thanks to my skills on Priceline, I booked to stay at the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, between 1st and 2nd avenues, off of 44th Street in Manhattan.  I proudly state this because it was during this IMAN trip to NYC did I finally have another amazing breakthrough, I now understand the layout of NYC!

The least of my problems was ordering sleek and sexy business cards that I told you about in my post "" last month.  

One invitation brought joy and anxiety but willing myself to NYC, brought peace!  I could relax.

Continued Part 2: IMAN in NYC

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  1. thats amazing. I love iman and have beenusing the products since i started using makeup. I use other stuff on everybody else...but nothing has matched my skin like iman. Youre so blessed. Congrats