relaunches on Wednesday!

My favorite Caribbean website, is currently under maintenance ... debugging and final testing of the neswest version of will be made live on Wednesday April 14, 2010

"Sometimes we need to take a couple steps back, before we can make that big leap forward"

On Wednesday, the new version of the website will be launched to provide us with a brand new experience. Some of the main changes will now allow visitors to browse and save events to a calendar, create and save multiple tracks to a music playlist and much more.  In the meantime, view current news items and the 360 carnival video blog.

New videos from BACCHANAL JAMAICA carnival will be available soon. For photos from Bacchanal Jamaica 2010 you can get a sneak preview on the FACEBOOK page. The new photo gallery will be implemented in the new website on Wednesday.

Can't wait to see the new site, guys! *Wink*

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