I have a passion for old finds. Initially, I thought, "why would you buy any thing owned by someone else, or USED by someone else?" It was not until I lived in Vermont, across my street there was a Goodwill Store. When bored, I would peruse, taking it all in ... all the oddities!  The store was not fancy. It was just an unattractive display of just about any and every thing. Oddly, I never bought anything from there.

Soon enough, I was pregnant.  One afternoon, while driving along a side street with my mom, I noticed a chest of drawers on the curb. I seem to have a love of drawers 'cause I recently bought another here in Virginia. So that afternoon, I parked and asked the cost of those drawers. The cost was $25. ...And since I love to shop, I know what it is to be the ultimate bargain shopper!

Immediately I thought, I could make it mine by just giving it some elbow grease, cleaning it with bleach and lining the drawers.  My mom too seemed fine with my decision. But if my dad were there, I am certain he would have said, "Leave it, I'll buy you a new one!"  Almost 4 years later, we still own that 4 drawer chest. Now my daughter is big enough that she rummages through it picking out her clothes.

I love clothes, old or new. My issue with online vintage clothing stores is that most stores are too expensive. So I rather just buy something new. Although I did find one vintage store which has since disappeared.  Upon arrival, I would take the clothes into my hands, running my hands down them, channelling the person who wore them before me.  For me, every thing old has a story, there is a history.  The first thing that would come to mind, "Are you dead? ... is that why your clothes are now here with me? ... are you too old and they were stored in some musty attic?"  Creepy, slightly morbid, I know.  I then imagined how the previous owner may have looked in them, what kind of lady may she have been. Almost promising to wear what once belonged to her with my modern flair.

It's like that set of china tea cups and saucers, my dad's mom handed to me when I first got married.  My childhood memories of that china is vivid. I can still see all those who spent afternoons drinking tea from that china and eating either granny's freshly baked tarts, patties or cakes. Strangely, all granny's afternoon guests have since died.  ... And one of those guests, was my other grandmother and a few other fine ladies.  I'm yet to use the china but it's such an honor to own them.

It's like what shall be the story of my green clutch! The guilty pleasure for some ladies seems to be shoes.  My guilty pleasure are bags. I have racks of all types of bags.  A bit odd, 'cause I hated carrying bags since I was a tomboy.  Everything back then had to fit into my pockets.

Nowadays, the bigger the bag, the better. Simply means the more I can hold. When I travel, my bag is generally rather heavy.  If my husband offers to carry it, or if a stranger offers to store it in the overhead, it becomes the joke "What is in your bag?"  When my daughter was younger, it was easy to use the excuse that it was my diaper bag.  Now, it's easier  to forewarn "It's heavy!" before handing it off!

So my lil' green clutch.  You've probably seen it with me already? I am shocked my green clutch does not have its own passport. It has travelled the globe with me. No matter what color I'm wearing or the type of event, or time of day, it has been faithfully by my side. It was a 30th birthday gift to myself, bought from an underground boutique in Vermont. Made in South America. Perfect size and simply practical. It holds all of my essentials; phone, lipstick, pen, credit card case, my camera which is always with me and a check book if need be. ... And when the strap popped off, I sent my baby to the cobbler for a stronger clip. What makes it perfect is when I'm out and drinking, it attaches to my wrist. So we never part!
 Here are a few pictures of my clutch

My biggest love affair is with tan leather. Last week, I found another detailed leather bag like my green clutch. A Vintage Tooled Brown Leather Cowgirl Handbag for only $10, from HurdofSarah Jewelry Designs and Vintage Finds. Another vintage accessory that I always hunt for are belts.  Still, I have not purchased any as yet.

What makes vintage special, I am never in any hurry to shop. Each item calls me, when it is supposed to be mine. Hence the reason, I love them and show reverence for each and every item and the people who owned it before me. People who will always remain a mystery. The thrill of the vintage find allows me the certainty that I am spending my money on very affordable and unique items.  ... And allowing me the confidence to be unique from any woman beside me.

As for my green clutch which was once purchased brand spanking new, it will be passed on to my daughter. Hopefully she will love it as much as I do. If it moves along the circle of life, let's hope 'the story of my green clutch' will not all be mystery!

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