Lil' African & Salsa Dancers!

My daughter is in ballet and tap dance class but seeing these lil' girls, I'm ready to enroll her in others. In less than 1 week, I have seen these two, one is an african dancer, the other, salsa.  They warmed my heart. I can see my lil' Ava-Sol enjoyin' those cultural dances too.  They truly are her culture. 

Elvyna is from France, performing on DJ Nays and Jessy Matador Mix. African dance is her passion.  Her video comes with a message: "People who are shocked about this video should go first in Africa and see little children dancing. They should learn african culture before. This is common there and there is no shocking things on it. This little girl Elvyna is dancing african dance like most african children do and her parents are proud of her. So if you do not agree with that video, let the other people enjoy and GO 1 month in Africa to learn african dance and CULTURE PLEASE !"

Briia Comilang is a salsa dancer.  Click to WATCH 

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