Just 4 Fun Costume Similarities

I love Just 4 Fun but I am disappointed. 2010's Bonnie and Clyde looks very similar to another of their 2008 costumes. Sweet7 Insider also noted similarities with 2010's Paris & Helen, 2009's Romance and 2008's Hestia costumes. Hestia and Romance were my sections, those previous years. Certainly the headpieces are very similar between Paris & Helen and Hestia costumes. Generally those 3 look very similar too.

2010 Bonnie & Clyde vs. 2008

And compare these 3 costumes, over the last 3 years
2010 Helen & Troy

2009 Romance

2008 Hestia


  1. I was not really disappointed, because i didnt expect too much...I knew it would be "stolen" or "recylced" costumes which would also be the same for Red Int'l....The Napoleon also has similarities to Mascots Carnival Band out of Florida's red section from last year. Although the Bonnie and Clyde color was used last year, IMO that was the only one that came close enough to the theme and also Paris and Helena. Pocohontas needed to have a band with a feather and not a hat considering she was an indian, but yeah maybe it's just me that seeing it so oui.....

    I still jumping with J4F though, since that is where all my friends going to be. Oh and dat Tarzan costume with all dem tings to tie, is too much for the road man, not to mention dem nasty tan lines one may get if it doh rain....

  2. booo!!! talk about lack of creativity. come better than that J4F. and at least do some type of indian mas headpiece for Pocahontas. oh well, there's still 3 months till carnival.

  3. @Meli the tarzan and jane to me is the only one which remotely came close to the theme... although I like the bonnie and clyde it still doesn't give of a mafia effect that it should. I find it ironic that XS was out to do the beads and feathers as a statement and pulled it of better than a real beads and feathers band.

    There are costumes from red which are similar to years passed but I think the luster and high quality blinds you that it slips most. J4F definitely needed a splash of colour and life this year

    Maybe the designer had a creative block...

  4. That's exactly it Lyla ... XS Energy a newbie to the "feather and beads" mas is now competing with J4F, and looks like they've done it better. While Red is also a "feather and beads" band, Red has the ability to give striking, colour combination costumes. Red's costumes aren't just the usual 2 tone-basic colours. Red's costumes are vibrant!

  5. I soo agree with Lyla. I said the same thign recently. XS's style of costume this year is certainly a first for them and the have outdone J4Fun by far. The pulled off the beads and feathers look way better.