SHALA MONROQUE - St.Lucian fashionista on NYC Social Scene

What a shocker to discover Shala Monroque today!  Yet, I am so thrilled, I can hardly contain myself.  If this St.Lucian can make waves in the fashion world, then all of us can!  
Shala Monroque is St.Lucian (grew up and went to secondary school there), a fashionista and a common fixture on New York's social scene and she's leaving her mark in new ways every day. Shala Monroque is a fashion writer and Editor-at-Large for Pop magazine. Visit her blog, WATCH HER VIDEO (VOGUE BLACK): Shala Monroque. Shala is also featured in "7 Day Wardrobe" in the US Harper's Bazaar April 2010 issue. 

Girl of the Month: Shala Monroque (November 2009)
"When trying to articulate the style of bon vivant Shala Monroque, a few bon mots come to mind: daring, vivacious, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, eclectic, well-traveled, elegant, and unique. In a rather dizzying pace, Monroque, whose post as editor-at-large of Dasha Zhukova's incarnation of Pop magazine, has made waves on the international party circuit for her fearless taste and boundless joie de vivre. Whether Monroque is reporting on the Amelia premiere at the Doha Film Festival in Qatar (her very inspiring blog is a must-read), dancing the night away at a speakeasy in St. Petersburg, or hosting a fashion week fête attended by the jet set and art world elite, one thing becomes very clear: Shala Monroque's wonderful wardrobe is a collection of great beauty and her artfully crafted ensembles have made quite a bold impression!" - Who, What, Wear

More info: Shala Monroque

Good looking out, thanks Kathryn!

UPDATE: Shala is featured in Essence Magazine May issue - Pg 60!

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