The Vajazzle Chit Chatter!

On Tuesday, Sweet 7 post, "How To Vajazzle" got much attention. Vajazzling, definitely has a nice ring to it. Some S7 followers showed interest and want to try it and another even asked for the cost.

Another female friend's unimpressed reaction, "Ok just saw this on Sweet 7 ... kudos to S7 for bringing us the latest in fashion and trends, love my Sweet7... but this has to be to be THE stupidest thing ever !!!!! Pay me 100 bucks and I'll Vajazzle u honey. We Caribbean chicks put on crystal tattoos every carnival !! WTF."

My biggest and funniest reactions came from guys too,

A regular in the S7 chatbox, Professor made this clear, "LOL I await the follow up post of pics submitted by S7 followers who get vjazzled LOL. I don't understand the desire to bling out the cooch. lol. once you've done it, then what? do you walk around with your pants on the ground "looking like a fool with your pants on the ground?" lol. Personally I'm not tryna get any crystals jamming up my urethra! LOL."

Of course, Gerry was thankful, "Hmmmm new word for the week ..."Vajazzle." Thanks S7." He went on to express, "It's what the word represents. And plus it just rolls off the tongue in so many ways... ;)" When his friend asked, "Can you use it in a sentence for me?? I need context!"  I responded with a simple, "I got vajazzled," but not Gerry, he used the word in every possible context and had a conversation I'm assuming with an imaginary friend who just got vajazzled:

"I got vajazzled today. Want to see my Vajazzle?"
"My what a pretty vajazzle you got there! May I touch your vajazzle?"
"Hmm they should have done it with edible gems that way I can eat up your vajazzle ... hmm yumm!"

Haha. Totally beyond what I had in mind.

Only to have the conversation continue as other female friends of Gerry's responded.

"Btw, edible gems sound intriguing."
"Jerry you are awesome. I learned something new today. I think we should have a Vajazzle party!"
"Talk about the vajazzle monologues....yeesh!!"
"Thanks Gerry, for the examples---you are hilarious, in addition to being educational."

... And if this "VAJAZZLING" talk was not enough, my mother loves this new trend and informs a friend about it. Only to have her friend bravely admit, "It's only glued on! It took a hell of a lot more courage for me to have eyeliner tattooed on my eyes!"

Thanks to everyone who commented and made this post possible today, I think we're onto something!

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  1. my mums loving the Vajazzle trend too , though only on the top arm and hands!! couldnt deal with anywhere else lol