Tapered Trousers & Sweats

I love harem pants, especially seeing fashionistas in Bangkok, rockin' the heck out of them. Sadly, the trend may catch on here in another 2 or so years. Such was the case with tights. This part of the world seems fashion backward compared with the rest of the world. But this new Spring trend of tapered 3/4 trousers and sweatpants are on point. I love them!

I still do not understand the "sweatpants" trend though. So I am not a fan of Juicy Couture Clothing. My attitude is stay home in your sweatpants; only excusable if you're heading to and from the gym, maybe a quick stop to the supermarket. ... And there is no reason, they should pop up at airports as often as they do! You see or may think comfort, I see tacky!

So when these pictures popped up at Forever 21, I thought this is more like it.  
Sexy, chic, but still ready to go comfort!
Proving my point, there is no need to sacrifice style for comfort!  

Tapered Capris (Trousers & Sweats)

Clothes & Accessories to compliment the look!

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