Vybz Kartel - St.Lucia Work Permit Ban Cartoon

Vybz Kartel is what Lil' Wayne is to me in hip hop, or Diddy ... for lifestyle, etc. Vybz is KING of dancehall. Neither do I subscribe to any Gaza or Gully warfare, I just like the music. Just like I had no issue posting Movado's "9 Lives" a couple of days ago. As a Vybz fan, I do not understand the St.Lucian government's reason for the ban and yesterday's "F*** Vybz Kartel (Lucian Diss)" video that was going around.

This ban has gotten the attention of Jamaica Observer cartoonist, Clovis.  Clovis’ latest cartoon, which was featured in the Chat magazine, shows Vybz Kartel being denied a work permit for St. Lucia recently and then being courted by a porn movie crew (a reference to rumors that Vybz Kartel stars in a porn movie that’s coming out soon) - Source

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