St.Lucia Carnival 2010: XS Energy Launch & Pictures

Last night at Indies NightClub, XS Energy was the first St.Lucian carnival band to launch. Also a first, most bands are scheduled to launch before the annual St.Lucia Jazz Festival in May.

The XS Energy 2010 theme is Zero.

XS Energy Band Leader, John Joseph explains the theme, "We're highlighting the lack of difference in mas. We actually telling people that this is what is generic (beads and feathers) in carnival and it lacks the ability that is why we called it mas Zero. So basically the theme we're playing is not a theme. So we're giving a message with out a message."

Source: Sweet7 Carnival Insider *WINK*

J4F launches tonight!

UPDATE: XS Energy's Photos - ***ZERO***


  1. Agh. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I want to jump so badly, it's between x s Energy and Red International. I'm a mom and I'm so worried about someone else watching my child while I'm feten' lol. The costumes look nicceee I like the purple one and the orange and yellow one..mainly because I'm the same size as the models lol.and the costumes look damn good on them. THICKNESS IS SWEETNESS.LOL

    Is there a link where I could find more photos of the launch?

  2. Wow, XS has left the traditional costume to beads and feathers eh.....Looks okay but gosh next time invest in some proper stockings for the models, it gives the costume a more uniform look sans dat control top ting.....

    I cant wait to see J4F tonight...

  3. Hi Chrismar ... I hear you. It can be hard to leave the kiddies behind but once I leave, I'm out and definitely going to have a good time!

    As for Red Int'l, their photo shoot is n Sunday and I heard the costumes are bangin'.

    As for more pictures of XS Energy, my carnival insider took those seen here. You may just have to wait on other sites or the XS Energy site.

    Good luck!

  4. To Meli, you should read the interview. They have not left tradition, they are doing what the always do "sending a message." Its about showing the monotony of the costumes people have come to expect and request.