Erykah Badu - Window Seat

Finally, I watched Erykah Badu's new video, "Window Seat," because of all the hype ... LOVED IT! It was so refreshing! It takes guts and a serious amount of 'letting go,' to just shed and reveal yourself.

In the video, Badu visits Dallas' Dealey Plaza, the site of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Inspired by Matt & Kim's "Lessons Learned" video where the group undresses in Times Square, Badu disrobes as she walks down a busy street midday. The passersby aren't video extras, but real life unassuming pedestrians who mainly ignore her, save for a man who picks up some of her clothes, and a woman who stares at her while holding the hand of a toddler boy.

By the time Badu reaches the infamous grassy knoll where Kennedy was killed, she is completely nude. A gunshot is heard, her head cocks back, and her limp body falls to the ground. The words "group think" bleed from her head in blue ink.

"Group think that's like a form of thinking that causes you to bury what you really feel inside to please the group so you won't be ostracized by the group," Badu told the Wall Street Journal. "It's a comfort zone that we create for ourselves, and I go outside of that comfort zone."

As Badu's body lies on the ground, she speaks in a narrative voice to explain the message. "They play it safe. Are quick to assassinate what they do not understand," Badu says in the voiceover. "This is what we have become. Afraid to respect the individual." -

Reminds me of an experience, and I'm game to do it all over again ...
although at this moment, I'm suffering from Group Think!

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