The Wide Brim Hat

I always love email from Sweet 7 fans, especially when the hope is that I can help find some thing that someone is desperately seeking.

Today, Nyoka writes, "Hi, I have been following your website and fashion sense for sometime now, and I love it. There isn't anyone else I would ask to help me find a straw floppy hat with an extreeeeeemely wide brim. I've searched websites upon end and found nothing. I'm attaching the pic so you will have an idea of what I'm looking for. I really need your help if it's not too much trouble. Thanks."

Nyoka, this was tough but I found some wide brim hats and not as oversized as the one in your picture. I'm thinking it's a lil' too early, Spring is just on it's way ... maybe we'll both get lucky nearer to Summer! ... And it is my pleasure, no trouble at all!

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