Laborie, St.Lucia, West Indies has a lovely local website, "ILOVELABORIE.COM"

Other than my area, I hardly venture much around the island of St.Lucia but I've often heard male friends say that Laborie has some of the nicest St.Lucian girls! Also my half sister was from Laborie, the first time I visited was for her funeral.
"Located on a delightful, sheltered bay on the South West corner of Saint Lucia, Laborie is both a small village and a district, where you can still discover the real Saint Lucia. Known island-wide for our friendly people and rich traditions, Laborie has been a fishing village since the Amerindians discovered the reef-protected bay. Conch shells still blow every day as the fishermen arrive with their fresh catch. This historic and scenic community of beautiful beaches and lush vegetation is also one of the best place to experience the island's nature and explore its diverse fauna and flora."- I LOVE LABORIE

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  1. who hooo!!! iLooove! and ur male friends ryt about laborie having the nicest girls in lucia, haha :)