A Strange Place to Be Blessed

Last June, I mentioned the weekly "Hour of Power" television broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove, California. Its American founder, televangelist, pastor of the Crystal Cathedral and author known around the world is Robert Harold Schuller, (born September 16, 1926).

The longest year-end resolution I have kept yet, has been in 2010, to find a few minutes during the week to watch The Hour of Power but really to build a stronger relationship with God. Though I am not the preachy kind, and it would be unfair to say that all the other nine Hour of Power sermons and guests since the start of the year were not all good too, but I feel the need to share this week's sermon, "A Strange Place to Be Blessed" by Guest Pastor, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer. (WATCH HERE)

Though we sometimes just say our prayers with no true understanding and respect, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer enlightened me about the 23rd Psalm. ... And 'though this may be "a strange place to be blessed" I am confident it will touch the soul who needs it most. That's the power of ministry.

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