I AM WEST INDIAN (Caribbean) - US Census 2010

Ok, I saw this promotional video to increase awareness of the US Census in 2010 and considered posting it here. This AM, S7 loyal follower, Professor posted the video to Facebook. I responded.

"You knew what threw me off .. "I AM CARIBBEAN." Umm, what ever happened to, "I AM WEST INDIAN"? Sorry, but I had to wonder if they did not want to confuse Americans into thinking "BLACK" people could not be WEST "INDIAN" LOL! Anyway fill me in, is that new term "I AM CARIBBEAN?" 'Cause I surely won't be saying it!"

His response, "LOL, say it as you please. LOL. I wrote West Indian (SLU) on my form."

The US Census is not reserved for just American citizens but is for EVERYONE (documented or otherwise). EVERYONE should complete the 10 questions of the census and mail it in by April 1st, 2010. This will benefit your community, your schools, your hospitals etcetera so you can receive better funding from the Federal Governtments $400 Billion per year budget.

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