The St.Lucian man who won't sell his paradise ... even for $60m

Claudius Lousien lives atop a hill at Anse La Voutte, St Lucia, without electricity or water, but has turned down an offer of $60m for his land. When asked why he wouldn't sell to the man who offered him sixty million dollars for his land, "I want to be buried here.” - "The man who won't sell paradise... even for $60m"

The $5 Beach (Anse La Voutte) is quite lovely! It's a trek to get there since it's on the non-developed North Eastern coast of St.Lucia so the beach is empty. Once there, the smell of the fresh salt water of Atlantic Ocean permeates the air and it is unusually windy. Kitesurfers add color and excitement as they glide back and fourth along the bay. Here are some of my pictures from 2008 on that very beach.


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  1. It's so refreshing to hear about this!! I always feel like our precious coast line is slipping away from us.... I have to visit this place on my Jazz trip!!!! If only I knew how to get!!!!