Kiva Herman - St.Lucian PROFESSIONAL Basketball Player

Kiva Herman moved to the US two days before her 14th birthday back in 2001, exactly a month before September 11, to live with her dad and stepmom.  Her mother Julitta Herman still lives in St.Lucia. "I have been blessed to live and study in this country. In high school I took an interest in sports right away, doing both basketball and track and field, but I decided to focus on basketball" she says.

The 6 foot tall athlete got a Division 1 scholarship to play at the University of San Diego in California, her senior year.  Kiva had a great season and many memories there. Last May 2009, she graduated with a degree in Communications Studies.

After her senior season in college, her coaches assisted Kiva in making a highlights video and got an sports agent.Her female sports agent then sent out her highlight tape, along with her statistics.  Her agent worked out the best deals with basketballs clubs on her behalf.  

Currently Kiva plays professional basketball in the Italian part of Switzerland, for Canti Riva Basket. Her number is 32 and she plays the small forward 3 and 4 positions.  

The basketball season is September to beginning of April but it depends on the country played in and the league. The basketball season also depends on how a team does in the league games and playoffs.  Kiva explains, "The European league is more physical at times, fouls that would be called in the US are allowed here. Also here the shot clock is shorter, 24 seconds back in the States, but it is 30 seconds here."

Kiva Herman still hopes and wishes that St.Lucia would get a national team so that she could represent our country.  When I asked Kiva, what advice she has for St.Lucian athletes, she responded, "Follow your dreams and keep working hard. I remember watching basketball on tv when I was on the island, wishing that was me. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given thus far in life. Take advantage of opportunities. :-)"

Proud of you, Kiva!  Thank you. 


  1. great job , keep on working harder , may god bless u , keep st lucia flag flying high .

  2. I came across this again and wanted to say thank you again for this story!! I hope all is well :) Proud to be a Lucian :)