Sweet 7 Fans : INSPIRED

Today, two S7 fans made me very, very proud!

Michelle & her embellished jacket!
Last week, I posted "Embellished Shoulder Tops" and suggested that readers create their own.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect someone to follow through, much less share their pictures!  Well I was wrong, 'cause Michelle's FB album said this, 

"So I was invited to an anniversary party and had absolutely NOTHING to wear. I refused however, to purchase anything new (college student budget). While browsing through 1 of my fav. sites ... S7, I came across a DIY embellished shoulder tops article. JACKPOT! so I got to pinning and sewing and this is the finished product."

I love it, Michelle!

Bettina makes the St.Lucian treat, "penny piece"
Another S7 fan, impressed me too.  Bettina is a German friend of mine who lives in South Florida. We have never met in person but we've been online friends from my Hi5 days.

Last week, I posted an album of a St.Lucian treat, "Penny Piece" which we eat during Easter.  My grandfather (my mom's dad) would always buy a brown paper bag full of them and as a child I loved it so much!   Soon enough, my mom taught me to make it!  So by the time my grandfather died, and I could make my own. Last week, I posted a FB album, much like Bettina's pictures below.  My daughter sat with me and is already learning to make them too, and the rate at which she eats them, I'm glad!

Bettina loves ginger and immediately asked for details.  Our last conversation, ended with me asking for her postal address so I could send her some and today, she posted this,

"My FB Friend posted these and I got inspired. They don't look as good as yours Nyree but it's only my first try ... tasted good though. Not that I had anything to compare them to. I used splenda & just a litte demerara sugar."

Great job Bettina!  You've got it, just roll paper thin next time!

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