Men fight in Chicago Public Aid office ... COMEDY!

I am shameless, 'cause this video had me DEAD (slang for on the floor, laughing)!

Two (possibly gay) men were captured brawling in a Chicago public aid office, and security guards were helpless to stop them.  Shocked onlookers began clearing the way as the two wielded chairs as weapons and used the floor space like a boxing ring as they engaged in a nearly minute-long battle.  But horrified gasps turned into bursts of laughter when .... YEP, you just have to watch the video to see! LMAO.

And since I posted that, I might as well post another fight that had me DEAD the other day. Thanks to ALL the comments made by onlookers. This video, "Man Getting Licks from he Girlfriend" happened outside a club in Trinidad. A guy caught his girlfriend dancing on another man but she end up beating him down!

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