Livvi Franc - Another Barbadian Singer

Ohhh, my greatest inspiration and awareness has been coming from my many friends on Facebook. Who knew Livvi Franc was a Barbadian - Brit (from Barbados and Britain)? Certainly, I did not!

When IMEEM was the music player that I used on this blog before MySpace bought it over and screwed it over, not too long ago, I featured Livvi's debut single, "Now I'm That Bitch" released in the summer of 2009. The song reached to the top of the Billboard Hot Dance Club songs charts. Another of my anthems of sorts and those who know, I love dance music! I often say, "I see God in the music!"

Oh gosh, and it does not help that Mr. 305 (Miami area code), Pitbull is in this remix. My FB friends know I love Pitbull ... he's my Mr. Grimey. Umm, he makes me want to get GRIMEY (a morally reprehensible deed, according to the UrbanDictionary)! .... I could just hear him now, "Oye, mami, calmate!"

Cause now I'm that bitch,
You'll never get to uh.
Can't get what you want, so you're acting like a punk.
You were too fly then, so fly away now.
Now I'm that bitch, and you're just a clown.

Automatik is the second single by the Barbadian - British singer, Livvi Franc!

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